Academic Journal Articles:

1. ‘Caribbean Plantation Economies as Colonial Models: The Case of the English East India Company and St. Helena in the Late Seventeenth Century’, Atlantic Studies (2022).

Book Chapters:

2. ‘Slaves, Weavers, and the Peopling of East India Company Colonies, 1660-1730’, in Richard B. Allen, ed., Slavery and Bonded Labor in Asia, 1250-1900 [Studies in Global Slavery, Vol. 10], (Leiden: Brill, 2022), pp. 229-255.

3. ‘Migration’, in William A. Pettigrew and David Veevers, eds, The Corporation as a Protagonist in Global History, 1550 – 1750 (Leiden: Brill, 2019), pp. 68-97. (Available Open Access).

Research Reports:

4. ‘Report on Sheffield, Slavery, and its Legacies’ (2021) [50 pages] – with R. J. Knight. This report is published both in print and online.

5. ‘Thomas Guy, Robert Clayton and Our Shared Colonial Past: Sources, Context, Connections’ (2021) [49 pages] – with Esther Brot.

6. Report on Somerset House’s History in Relation to Britain’s Colonial Past’ (2021). Internal document – with Esther Brot.

Blog Posts and Other Media: